otisco, IN replacement windows

Professional Window & Door Repair, Replacement & Installation Services In Otisco, IN and Louisville, KY areas

When something goes wrong with the windows or doors in your home, it can drive you crazy. Are you dealing with a door that won’t quite fit in the frame? Does the area of your living room near the window always feel too hot or too cold? Stop getting frustrated and start taking action today. The talented contractors at Higdon Building and Remodeling will:

  • Install new windows
  • Install new doors
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Replace old or worn doors

We can fix problems both inside and outside of your Otisco, IN or Louisville, KY area house. Call 502-724-7994 now to speak with a Higdon Building and Remodeling contractor about your home’s needs.

3 signs you need to replace your windows or doors

Windows and doors are often the first things to break down in a home. Here are three indicators that you may need to call in the general contractors at Higdon Building and Remodeling:

  1. The frames are warped or broken. Frames are typically too difficult to repair.
  2. Your energy bill keeps going up, but you don’t have any issues with your HVAC unit. This usually means air is leaking through your doors or windows.
  3. You live in a historic home in Otisco, IN or Louisville, KY areas. Often, the doors and windows in these homes need to be replaced sooner that the ones in newer houses.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Contact Higdon Building and Remodeling to examine your windows and doors today.